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Today, more and more people choose the foods for their party but leave the cooking to party caterers or private caterers. Finding the right party caterer or private dining expert should be the focal point of planning any variety of parties from a family dinner to a wedding, or even an office party.

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This is what you need to ask about the restaurant industry in general and what you specifically need to ask the caterer (s) in conflict with your company:

1. Can you offer a wide choice of menus for people with dietary restrictions?

It becomes more important every day. Traiteurs must be able to serve those with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, organic, etc.

2. Can I see examples of menus with coding?

After you’ve defined the scope of your catering needs (for example, a full three-course meal or a cold buffet), ask for some menu suggestions, as well as prices per capita. This gives you the right idea of ​​how the caterer fits within your budget.

3. Which menu do you recommend?

You will probably have ideas about the food you want to eat during your event, but ask your caterer what he or she would recommend. Use their expertise and experience.

4. Can you meet special dietary requirements?

Most private caterers must be able to respond to specific requests. Maybe a red flag if they cannot. Make sure you ask your guests to indicate if they have special dietary requirements when they respond to the registration.

5. Where does the food come from?

Given the popularity of the locavore food movement, planners need to know where the food comes from because customers will also be interested. Ask your caterer if they use local suppliers. Then write this down in the menus.

6. What other services do you offer to your client?

Some caterers are willing to make desserts; some have bar-liquor licenses, some even have a place that you can rent for rehearsal dinner, bachelor party or bachelorette party. Ask what other services are offered by this company. Packages are not only more straightforward, but they are often cheaper than buying food, desserts, and bars from different companies.

7. What is your leftover policy?

This question may seem somehow at first, but it all depends on what you pay. If a caterer does not allow you to take the leftovers, you only pay what your guests have eaten, not all the food that the caterers have prepared for your wedding day. Ask if the caterers are willing to pack the food to take you home after the reception.

8. What do the deliverers do when they arrive at my building?

In other words, will you sit outside and wait for delivery? Do they even arrive on time? Delivery time (and setup) is essential for your guests and their tight deadlines.

9. Do you offer ecological options?

For many, it is a very important characteristic of a supplier or partner, not just a catering partner. Read more about environmentally friendly options on the site, such as recycled cutlery, plates and utensils, as well as shipments, waste processing, and internal operations, and what your caterer does to promote green initiatives.

10. What are your payment terms?

When you confirm your reservation, you are usually asked to make a non-refundable deposit – how much does it cost and on what date can you confirm the booking? When is the full payment required? What is their interest rate for payment arrears? Which payment methods do they accept?


Do you have any other useful questions when looking for a caterer? We would like you to share these in the comments below. Remember that the only stupid question is that you do not ask. Be wary of caterers who do not like to answer your questions.

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