Jun 182018
Food and Nutrition Research by the University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle is positioned at the forefront of food and nutrition research commercialisation, in particular nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and functional foods research, through the Newcastle Medical Nutrition Unit.

Leveraging a multi-disciplinary research team in Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Human Physiology, Medical Biochemistry, Human Nutrition and Food Science, the University provides internationally recognised expertise to design and conduct health claims testing.

Companies considering clinical trials which require state of the art facilities, dedicated contract research and key opinion leader involvement need look no further. Through the Newcastle Medical Nutrition Unit a team of locally-based experts led by Professor Manohar Garg are able to provide comprehensive, turnkey research and development solutions that support nutraceutical claims.

Clinical Trials

All trials are led by Professor Manohar Garg, who is internationally recognised with extensive experience in the design and management of health claims trials and food and nutrition research commercialisation. The objective of his group is to bring researchers working in the area of nutrition, dietary supplements and functional foods together under one umbrella, for companies who need nutritional trials and expert academic advice.

The comprehensive services include:
1. Protocol and Clinical Trial Design
2. Ethics Committee Management
3. Literature Review and Reporting
4. Recruitment and Site Management
5. Blood Testing and Tissue Sampling
6. Anthropometry and Body Composition
7. Bone density testing
8. Data Management and Statistical Analysis
9. Reporting and Dissemination
10. Publishing

Contract Research

Product health claims are essential for commercial success. Clinical trials and metabolic studies on nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and functional foods have become essential in supporting marketing strategies. All of these requirements can be facilitated by Newcastle Innovation through our facility network, our resource base and our world class research team with extensive, proven knowledge of food and nutrition research commercialisation.

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