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Majority of couples spend a lot of money and time planning a perfect wedding day. Aside from the vows, the reception is the most important part, especially where food and drinks are concerned. The cost of a best wedding caterers differs from one region to another. However, one can estimate their charges by considering the following essential elements;


Usually, catering services are higher in the bigger cities and at the coast. Formal venues charge higher than opting for a casual setting. The rental rate varies according to space and the hours your reception will take. Expect to pay more for outside catering as well since waiters are paid approximately $20 per hour. A particular portion of the transportation cost will be transferred to you especially when dealing with sole proprietors. 

Catering style

Most weddings usually adopt the following ways of serving meals;

Plated – it is one of the most expensive methods since the caterer has to hire waiting staff. It also calls for specific table services to accommodate guests and keep them comfortable as food is served. Despite the high cost, plated meals allow attendants to interact without carrying plates or drinks.

Buffet – self-service is considered more economical and generous than waiting services. With a buffet, wedding caterers only account for a few workers and the cost of making food hence the low rates. They also accommodate large events where guests get to enjoy the various delicacies served.


 The number of people attending

Your guest list can help you estimate how much a caterer will cost. Most professionals charge per head despite the type of service chosen. According to the Bridal Association of America, the average cost of meals per person (without including beverages) is $11-$15 in a standard setting. Include a cocktail hour and the charges spike to hundreds within minutes.


In America, the estimated cost of a wedding cake is $500 but with developed cities, the price increases to $1200. The size, shape, type, and decorations of the cake matters but most wedding caterers price them per slice. The cutting and corking fees are approximately $1-$8. However, the real expenses fall under the number of people attending the occasion.

In short, knowing how much a wedding caterer costs depends on the size of the event, venue, the style of serving meals, and the cake. Although the above variables play an important role in budgeting, the real cost depends on you. America puts the standard price of a wedding caterer at $12,000 while in Australia, the figure stands at $11,000. You can choose to minimize attendants or select a casual venue. Couples today are using the latest open-bar trend to cut alcohol costs. The extra charges include tips, but most wedding caterers leave it as an option. If your budget is tight, seek advice from other married couples or event co-coordinators. You can also decide on self-catering especially if you or a family member/friend has the expertise.

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