Aug 302018
Take the Stress Out of Cooking

You love cooking and watch all of the shows on TV; Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules and various catering videos on Facebook.

You want to impress your friends with some delicious recipes that you’ve been experimenting with, so you decide to host a dinner party.

Your guests arrive, greet you with a kiss, pass you a bottle of wine, start with the chit chat, but in the back of your mind you’re freaking out because you know there’s still so much to do and you need the speed of Superman to get it done, so you excuse yourself.

The doorbell rings again, another guest, another kiss, more chit chat, a few laughs and all of a sudden you smell something burning. ‘Oh no!’ you panic, running to the kitchen.

You are now thrashing around throwing pots and pans left right and centre, spilling sauces, the potatoes are overdone, you burn your wrist on the oven, the meal is ruined and you want to curl up in a ball and cry.

But you don’t. Instead, you crack open that bottle of wine and order some pizza. Everyone has a laugh about it, recounting their own dinner party horror stories, and you laugh too, but inside you’re dying of shame. All of that food and effort has gone to waste and you’re literally left with egg on your face.

‘It’s not a big deal’, your friends reassure you as they wipe you clean. But in that moment, you decide to hire a caterer for your next big function. You talk about it over greasy pizza and much more wine and you relax and realise it’s just nice to have good company.

Fast forward two years to your parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. You’re kicking yourself because you offered to host a party at your house and then found out they wanted to invite 80 people. 80 PEOPLE!!!

You try to stop hyperventilating and start the process of finding a caterer. Even though your cooking skills have significantly improved, you don’t want to risk it, plus you’ve never cooked for that many people before and don’t want to jinx it. There is no way you’re going to ruin their anniversary by burning food, and you just want to relax and socialise and make sure your parents are having a great time.  Who needs the stress of cooking for that many people?!

So you jump on to Google and search for a Melbourne caterer. How do you decide who to go with?

You remember that your parents had their honeymoon in Barcelona and have loved Spanish food ever since. You think it might be nice to hire a Melbourne caterer who specialises in Paella, so you jump on to Google and type in ‘Paella Catering Melbourne’ and there you find a listing for Yum Catering. You investigate more. You read some of their really great reviews and watch a video showing how they make the Paella for that many people. It’s impressive! But they don’t just specialise in one type of cooking. They offer many different styles of cuisine from all around the world. You’re pretty sure this is the right company to choose, so you think ‘I’ll give them a call.’

They answer the phone and within a few minutes, they’re already helping you relax about the party. You’re discussing the menu, any special dietary requirements your guests may have, your preferred budget, the timing of the party and you’re really glad you made the call.

On the day of your parent’s anniversary, you’re rushing around like a mad person, putting up decorations, arranging the music, setting up photos and a book for the guests to sign. You’ve been busy for days preparing for this event and can’t possibly imagine how you could have had time to do the cooking too.

When the chef arrives, he sets up a number of massive paella pans and gets on with cooking. The waiter starts handing out glasses of champagne, and your day goes off without a hitch. Your parents are over the moon and hug you, tears welling up in their eyes. They are so proud and grateful for this amazing party you’ve organised.

After the party you tell them you have one final surprise for them. You point to your stomach and say ‘I’m having a baby!’ They look at each other in shock and happiness and then look at your empty glass of Champaign before you break it to them. ‘No I’m just kidding, it’s a food baby! The food was delicious wasn’t it?!’

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